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From Glasgow to St Ives artists and creatives need studio space.


Everyone in property has a story for when they went to an area and said, “it’ll never work”. Lo and behold some years later restaurants are heaving, offices have lights on and apartments act as investment grounds for those who can afford the sky high deposits. In each of these areas you’ll see one common denominator, artists and creatives.

Throughout the country, and World, creatives rarely find the ability to pay commercial rates in the busy areas and look to the edges of town to find space for their ideas to flourish. Arts courses at Universities are still full, with new courses being added all the time, and there is no lull in makers, creators, and designers needing studio space.

Renting old, tired, and dated buildings to creatives prior to landlords plans to reinvigorate them can be a great way to generate meanwhile income, mitigate empty property rates, reduce security costs, prevent squatters, and use artists to help build media attention to an area. There are also many cases across the country of artists producing site specific work for new developments. Needless to say that councils look favourably on situations where landlords and providing meanwhile business space with a social responsibility.


Requirements tend to be access to fresh water, good loading facilities, strong security provision on doors and windows and buildings being water tight. For zero-to-little capital investment landlords can look at getting returns of anywhere from £5 to £50 per sq ft when they can commit time to the project, typically 6-24 months. Artists are not fussy on the condition – as long as its safe.


Josh Artus heads up all Artist and Creative Studios for VSM, working with the international artist Graham Hudson, who is also a tutor at the Royal College of Art. Graham’s network enables studios to be set up professionally and effectively.

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