Rating Services

A full service solution offered to clients including appeals and revaluations

The VSM rating team are experienced chartered surveyors offering the following services:

  • Rates Appeals – Rateable Values are often too high. They will examine whether or not your Rateable Value represents fair value, if not they can appeal against the level of your Rateable Value and lead all negotiations with the Valuation office. They have experience in presenting cases on behalf of our clients in Valuation Tribunal if resolution cannot be found through normal discussions.
  • Changes in your Environment – Where there is a material disturbance to your business from external factors they can seek allowances to your rates. These factors may include roadworks, refurbishment/demolition/construction at a new development adjacent to your property or at your own property causing a detrimental impact to your business.
  • Part Occupied Premises – They advise and provide savings for commercial premises that are not fully and only part occupied due to downsizing, seasonal and economic reductions in trade. This involves the application and completion of certificates to the relevant local authority.
  • Completion Notices on New Buildings – They will examine and in some cases appeal against the commencement of rates assessments.
  • Rates Bill Audits – For our clients’ we check rates demand, transitional relief calculations, effective dates and refund totals. Plus we also provide comprehensive savings reports and budgetary advice. They use Riverlake and Analyse rates software to ensure that we are providing accurate and up-to date liabilities to our clients’.


The Valuation Office Agency are currently revaluing all UK commercial and non-domestic property for business rates purposes and as your business rates advisor we would be delighted to continue to act on your behalf for the new 2017 Rating Revaluation and ensure that your business rates liability is kept as low as possible.

The new rateable values will become effective from the 1st April 2017 and will be based upon the rental value of your property on 1st April 2015. You will receive the first notification of your new draft valuation later this year in October 2016. This will be our first opportunity to assess your business rates and address any material errors in your assessment. However we will not be able to issue formal rates appeals until 1st April 2017.

There has been a serious backlog in the system in the rates appeal system in particular over the last couple of years not helped by the government diverting resources for the new 2017 revaluation. As part of the Government’s efforts to improve the rates appeal system a new procedure is to be introduced called “check, challenge and appeal” system. Whilst the details are yet to be officially confirmed we understand the system will broadly follow the next steps:-

“Check, Challenge and Appeal”

  • Check – an initial preliminary enquiry to establish that the property’s rating assessment is based on accurate and up-to-date facts. Where it is not possible to agree facts, the disputed matters will be established;
  • Challenge – allows the ratepayer and their agent to challenge the rating assessment. Following discussion the Valuation Officer will issue a decision on whether the Rating List will be changed;
  • Appeal – if the ‘challenge’ stage is unsuccessful then a ratepayer has the right to appeal to the independent Valuation Tribunal which will consider and make a decision on the case.

The VOA expect the vast majority of cases to be resolved in the first two stages, with the need for appeal to the Valuation Tribunal (VT) only required in a small proportion of these. Furthermore, there is a proposed fee payable of £150 – £300 to escalate a disputed case before the Valuation Tribunal with a plan to refund this following a successful appeal.

For more information please contact Director Tony Rosenberg who can help further – 01908 660 552

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